Welcome to my world

With my work I want to share my way of seeing the world. As an immigrant, your roots are sown in your heart and they are always part of you. But also that new life begins to mix with those roots and new forms, ideas, sensations grow.

My worlds are a mix of the coconut flavor and the smell of the Caribbean Sea with landscapes of olive trees and Mediterranean breeze, they are impregnated with the people who have touched my soul and the nature that saw me grow. I am Maria Virginia  ( Mari ), I am Venezuelan (Maracucha) and I currently live and work in Barcelona, Spain.

In the last years of my university career in graphic design I fell in love with hand illustration and from that moment I began to create my imaginary worlds. Years later I specialized in surface design in Madrid at the Instituto Europeo di Design IED where I was seeking to mix my knowledge as a graphic designer with my love for illustration.

For many years I developed my own personal project Cayena Blanca , where I was able to experiment and my own line of ceramic and textiles for the home, stationery and custom pieces with my art. Little by little the production grew and in 2017 I opened my shop / workshop in Barcelona. For two years I was able to experience selling directly to my clients, knowing a little more about what was happening with other creators, I was able to understand what my products were that they liked the most, meeting many many people and many stories. I also started offering my first watercolor workshops…unforgettable afternoons.

In 2019 I decided to close the store and stop producing, I was not enjoying the process so much anymore, it seemed drastic but I needed to focus on my art  and it has been a time to grow internally as an artist and as a person. For many years I have been collaborating with incredible brands such as Paperchase, GoDiva, RipSkirt Hawaii, Wallpops, Museo Würth La Rioja…creating specialty pattern design that tell a story and delivering high quality print and final files.

Cayena Blanca Barcelona