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Cayena Blanca Store

So! This happened last year, I opened my own store in Barcelona…
I have always manage to work from home, in my very tiny but always special studio but on 2016 I became a mother and of course I gave my super special studio space to this amazing new human.

Home was not a safe place to work anymore, I use a lot of sharp instruments and I am very messy when working so I needed to move my workspace out. I was looking for a co-working space close to home but all the spaces I found were so small ( I have three ovens, 4 printers, 1 scanner, and a lot of stuff ) and so I found this tiny space , 5 minutes walk from home, small, manageable but was in a very bad shape.

The space is very tiny and it had a lot of drywall and layers of different ceilings. We took everything down, painted everything in white, and the biggest discovery was this amazing ” Volta Catalana ” a feature found a lot in Barcelona’s modernist architecture. I wanted a very minimal and place with a lot of personality with a more industrial feeling that the space already had.


There were three very intense months, opening a store with a 6 month baby can be very stressful but I have to say that it was all possible thanks to the amazing help of my family and friends.

I wanted this, to be a place to show my work, to experiment, to meet new people, to get out of my comfort zone. It was much more than a showroom of my work, it’s was place where really amazing things have happened. 

I felt great coming here everyday, taking care of all the small details,  very relaxing.

After two years, I realized I needed a change. I was not enjoying the crafting process, the management was all to much just for me there is so much work, I felt like a needed more space to just create! I’ve manage to work freelance all my professional life, and I have to say, it does not get any easier, specially after becoming a mother.

 When I see a place like this, a place that I never imagined I would ever have, I understand that it’s all worth it.


For the opening week, I had the posters printed to give to the first customers, they made a great brand souvenir.

2 thoughts on “Cayena Blanca Store

  1. Anita says:

    Congratulations! You’ve made a great work with this old place! And your dream came true and that is an amazing feeling. I understand you because I’m in the same process now, I will open my little shop, my piece of heaven and I’m extremely happy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, good vibes and endless creativity.

    1. cayenablanca says:

      Hola Anita! Thank you so much 🙂 I´m glad you liked what we did with the space, it was hard work but worth it for sure. Congrats on your new opening! All the best vibes for you too, this experience will make you very happy for sure. Let me know if you need any help! Lots of love

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