How it works?

Share your story with prints and patterns that will add value to your products

1. The briefing

First we talk about your ideas. At this stage, clients usually share with me some visual support for their concept. A Pinterest board is a great option.

2. The budget

Based on your ideas and the complexity of the project I prepare a tailored budget especially for you.

3. Timeline

Once the budget is accepted, we create a calendar for all the steps of the project, from the beginning to the delivery.

4. Work together

Throughout the process we are connected, working together to achieve the results you are looking for.

5. Deliverables

When you are happy with the result, I prepare the final seamless file ready to be printed. I deliver large scale and high resolution files with the background separated in layers.

6. Happy ending!

If the client is happy I am happy, I always work with that goal in mind.

Fill the form with your details and idea and I will contact you with more information and an estimate.