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FOLKLORE Solo show Brooklyn NY

Last April I was invited by Ag Gallery to show my most recent work in a solo exhibition. This is a very special site with a vintage store and gallery space run by a great team in Brooklyn NY. I have been working with them since 2013 when they invited me to participate in a group show called “Early Bloom” where I showed some pieces from my “Psycho Orchids” project. After that, we continue to work together, selling some of my products in his store permanently.

I called this exhibition “Folklore” as part of a very personal tribute to my roots. I wanted to take this opportunity and create some pieces in a style that I have been developing over the last few years. I worked with watercolors and there are many layers of colored ink in each piece. I wanted to show how proud I am to be who I am and where I come from. I love color, nature and surrealism, and will always love them.
I really enjoy creating these imaginative worlds full of flowers and magic.
I painted endless nights for three months, I stopped doing pretty much everything else…I needed to paint for myself. After my son was born and I opened the shop, it has been very difficult to find time to paint for myself, no briefings, no clients, just what I wanted to paint.
Whenever I found a space to paint, it was for clients, I found myself lost with my art, wanting to continue developing this new, more refined but very intense and chaotic style. Just enjoying the whole process. “Folklore” was the opportunity to do that.

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