We create commissioned prints delivered as ready to print files. Our work is very special and all our projects and clients are unique and very important. We work together developing your idea and bringing your concept to life, giving you options to choose from and working until the end ensuring the production process is a complete success.


We love art and collaborating, hosting special private events, full of unique experiences. If you have something in mind or just want something different to celebrate any special occasion we are here to help you create a unique evening with artistic live entertainment. We also create custom products for special events.


We host creative and experimental workshops in Barcelona and around the world. We create a safe space to all levels where we experiment together and become comfortable with this unique and special technique. All our workshops are curated by us, using only the best materials and offering a personalised experience to all our attendees. Please contact us to know more about the upcoming workshop dates


We create unique artistic floral designs for events and promotion. Working with natural flowers and adding our unique and special touch with paint and other materials give us the opportunity to create unique pieces for special events and product promotion.