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Over the last few months, I have spent some time clarifying and structuring my offer to the market, with help from Claire Lefebvre, who joined me as my Business developer.

I decided to close my store in Grácia, last January for many reasons. It was an incredible experience but I felt I needed a change and focus on what I really love, what shakes my world and make me happy: painting.

We have now built a strong portfolio to support my business, and are ready to go out there and to test our ideas, to seek new adventures and new contracts.

You can take a look here

I have also been working on the website making changes but it is still a work in progress. Life is crazy with so many changes going, I believe this has to be an organic evolution and go with the flow.

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One thought on “New portfolio

  1. Maria!
    Greetings from India.

    Let me congratulate you for the inspiring textile design which really lifts up one’s soul from routine work.

    Ours is is a start up company Artisan-India exporting hand made sustainable products. We are contemplating fresh textile prints for our cotton quilt covers where your design incorporation may give a fresh breather.

    We look forward to your ideas and interaction how we can work together,

    Sangram Mohanty

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